22. Mai 2015
Accademia di Architettura Mendrisio
S-WIN, Federlegno and HEIG-VD/HES-SO

S-WIN: FBK Mendrisio. Timber construction today – Modern architecture and sophisticated supporting structures

This seminar firstly offered in Ticino is organised in co-operation with Swiss Wood Innovation Network (S-WIN), the Federlegno and the HEIG-VD/HES-SO. The aim of the conference is to give an overview on state-of-the-art materials and technologies of wood construction for the reliable and efficient implementation of project planning. The conference is chaired by Dr. Andrea Bernasconi.

Typically applied in traditional detached house construction, wood construction today is highly valued also in urban and multi-storey constructions as well as in more sophisticated architecture. The potential and the flexibility of these technologies are portrayed from different perspectives, architectural and technical. The topic is dealt with on an international level, too.
One core topic of the conference will be local projects and developers. Many cases will be presented to show the advance and dynamics of wood construction in Ticino. Further issues will be the new fire safety regulations and their impact on wood construction as well as the practical use of new materials.
The contents of the semninar are designed for representatives of the whole range of the building industry – architects, engineers, enterpreneurs, private and public developers.

Conference chair
Dr. Andrea Bernasconi, HEIG-VD/HES-SO, Yverdon-les-Bains

Participation fee
Members S-WIN: CHF 80.-
Non-members: CHF 100.-
Students: CHF 45.-

Registration is open until 18 May, 2015. Members of S-WIN benefit from a reduced participation fee.

31. März 2015
ETH Zurich

ETH conference S-WIN: New findings on the reliability of glued laminated timber

This conference hosted by the ETH Zurich is organised by the Swiss Wood Innovation Network S-WIN in co-operation with the Institute of Structural Engineering (IBK), the ETH Zurich and Lignum, Swiss Wood Industry and exclusively deals with the reliability of glued laminated timber.

Advantages of GLT
Structural elements of glued laminated timber (GLT) show significant advantages over solid wood. They demonstrate reduced variability  in characteristics like stability and stiffness and are more flexible in dimensioning. Furthermore, different qualities of lamination can be arranged in a way to meet certain static requirements for the GLT element. These advantages have caused GLT to become one of the most important products in wood construction.

Fundamental investigation
Several recent research projects have investigated in-depth the bearing capacity of GLT in dependence of modelling and strength classification, stability characteristics, reinforcement and fire safety. The comprehensive theoretical and experimental studies produced valuable results for a better understanding of the bearing capacity of GLT. They help to develop superior structure models for the dimensioning of construction elements made of GLT and thus essentially contribute to an increased reliability of supporting structures in timber engineering.

Condensed knowledge transfer
The ETH conference presents a condensed version of the fundamental research results and findings to practitioners within one afternoon. The event is chaired by Prof.Dr. Andrea Frangi, Institute of Structural Engineering (IBK), and includes six presentations around the topic. These will be documented in detail in the conference proceedings. The conference is mainly designed for construction engineers and wood construction enterprises, but other interested persons are welcome, too.

Conference chair
Prof. Dr. Andrea Frangi, Institute of Structural Engineering (IBK), ETHZ

Participation fee
Members S-WIN: CHF 84.-
Non-members: CHF 95.-
Students: free (please present student ID)

Registration is open until 20 May, 2015. Members of S-WIN benefit from a reduced participation fee.

9-11 September 2015
18th International Symposium on Wood, Fibre and Pulping Chemistry ISWFPC
Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, Muthgasse 18, 1190 Vienna, Austria

18th International Symposium on Wood, Fibre and Pulping

The symposium is aimed at interested researchers and representatives of industry. New insights into the properties and processes of wood, pulp, fibres and other lignocellulose materials will be presented and discussed. Speeches may be submitted until 30 April. The symposium will take place in Vienna from 9 to 11 September.

Series of lectures on wood as a resource, spring 2015

This year's lectures at the University of Neuchâtel on wood as a resource will centre around the topic "Forest - economic and ecological challenges in wood production". The lectures are being organised by the Institut de recherches économiques (IRENE). The second lecture "Le défi de la mobilisation des ressources de la forêt privée" will be given on 19 March.

14/15 September 2015
8th WoodWisdom-Net Research Programme Seminar 2015
Zurich (the precise venue will be announced later)

WoodWisdom-Net Research Programme Seminar - for the first time in Zurich

The public event is aimed at researchers as well as stakeholders from science, the wood-processing industry and the political realm. Preliminary research findings will be presented at the seminar based on WoodWisdom-Net's 4th joint call for proposals.

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