For each National Research Programme (NRP) the National Research Council sets up a Steering Committee, whose members are appointed based on their scientific competency and their experience with application-oriented research. The Steering Committee is responsible for conducting the NRP. Over the entire duration of the NRP it has a primarily strategic function. It defines the specific profile of the NRP, and ensures continuity and coherence in decision-making. The Steering Committee organises and supervises the scientific coordination and evaluates the progress of both the research projects and the knowledge and technology transfer. The Steering Committee is likewise in charge of the final programme synthesis.

Division IV (Targeted Research) of the National Research Council delegates one of its members to the Steering Committee. This delegate submits the Steering Committee’s decisions to Division IV and serves as the main liaison person between the Steering Committee and the SNSF.

The Programme Coordinator is responsible for the operational management of the NRP. The Programme Coordinator defines the schedule and the milestones of the programme, coordinates the activities of all actors within the NRP and informs the research groups about new developments within the programme.

The Head of Knowledge and Technology Transfer plans and defines the implementation measures of the NRP. The Head of Knowledge and Technology Transfer advises the Steering Committee in matters of communication and knowledge and technology transfer. He or she supports and advises the research groups in their contacts with the main target groups and the media. The Head of Knowledge and Technology Transfer also provides support in implementing specific measures in knowledge and technology transfer in the scope of the projects. 

The Representative of the Federal Administration ensures the coordination of interests of the federal offices and the cooperation of the offices with the researchers.

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