S-WIN status seminar: New applications for wood

Chaired by Tanja Zimmermann (Empa) and Ingo Burgert (ETH Zurich) the seminar focuses on wood-based development of materials and processes for furniture and construction.

​The S-WIN status seminar is devoted to the topic “New applications for wood”. The event is inspired by the newly built apartment “Vision Wood” (inaugurated in May 2016), part of the NEST building of Empa. The unit is a fully modular wooden construction, made from cross-laminated beech timber. You are invited to visit “Vision Wood” after the event.

Registration deadline: 5 April 2017


10.04.2017 09:00


10.04.2017 16:30


Empa Dübendorf, Akademie, Überlandstrasse 129, 8600 Dübendorf

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