NRP 66 covers a total of 30 research projects. These reflect the broad spectrum of new approaches to the use of wood and offer solutions for a better availability of raw wood and sustainable life-cycle management.

When the programme started, research was structured into six thematic research modules. In view of implementation activities, the Steering Committee defined four dialogue fields at the end of 2013. They cover the essential aspects of the forest-wood-value-chain and are developed collaboratively with representatives from the economy, politics as well as cantonal and federal offices.​

Since 2014, the following four thematic dialogue platforms facilitate inter- and transdisciplinary work within NRP 66:




NRP 66 enters the home straightNRP 66 enters the home straight 10:00:00 PM
New website for NRP 66 "Ressource Wood"New website for NRP 66 "Ressource Wood" 11:00:00 PM
Searching for novel and sustainable panel materialsSearching for novel and sustainable panel materials 11:00:00 PM
SZF 5/2015: Provisioning and sustainable use of woodSZF 5/2015: Provisioning and sustainable use of wood 11:00:00 PM
NRP 66 intensifies dialogue with practitionersNRP 66 intensifies dialogue with practitioners 11:00:00 PM

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