Knowledge & technology transfer


Like all NRPs, NRP 66 is very communications oriented.

‚ÄčTherefore, the Steering Committee of NRP 66 attaches great importance to each of the research teams involving partners with practical commercial experience in their projects and transferring any new knowledge acquired for use at the appropriate practical level. At programme level, the priorities are for researchers to network among themselves and to maintain a dialogue with important stakeholder groups. NRP 66 also aims to make policymakers, authorities and non-governmental organisations aware of the need to create favourable conditions for using wood judiciously.

NRP 66 strives to promote an exchange of ideas between researchers and industry so as to ensure that all interested sectors reap the benefits of knowledge and technology transfer. This is to be achieved via the various existing platforms and transfer points.
Target groups for the results of NRP 66 are, in particular, Swiss businesses (wood industry, construction industry, chemical industry, energy sector, etc.) as well as universities, higher education institutions and other research and education institutions. In addition, the programme reaches out to networks and associations of the forestry and wood sector as well as to politicians, authorities, NGOs and the public at large.

NRP 66 is a joint programme run by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency CTI. The CTI has made its services and promotion resources for applied research and development available to the programme. The Agency is thus making a major contribution in this NRP to co-operation and knowledge transfer between researchers and industry.

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Thomas Bernhard Head of knowledge and technology transfer
NRP 66
IC Infraconsult AG Kasernenstrasse 27 3013 Bern