Dialogue platforms

The four dialogue platforms serve as the main channel for knowledge and technology transfer across different projects and for the step-by-step elaboration of a programme synthesis.

​Four thematic dialogue platforms will facilitate inter- and transdisciplinary work within NRP 66 as of January 2014 and link up the concerned research teams with each other and with representatives of businesses, administration, NGOs and the broader research community:

  • Advancements in timber constructions Innovative materials and joining technologies in timber constructions, industrial processes
  • Novel ways in bio-refining of wood Integral and high-grade use of wooden biomass by industrial degradation into materials/fibres, chemicals, fuels and energy
  • Innovative wood-based materials for new applications Modification and conversion of wood (as recycled or waste wood) into reliable industrial products for new purposes
  • Provisioning and sustainable use of wood Wood use, market forces and market regulation, forest ownership strategies

In the course of four workshops, a series of input papers will be prepared by April 2016 through a participative process. Along with the results gained in the individual research projects, these papers will serve as a basis for preparation of the four partial syntheses during the final phase of NRP 66.