Wood energy vs biodiversity in forests: identifying synergies, reducing conflicts

The aim of the Forum WSL Suisse Romande 2016 is to promote dialogue between research and practice. It addresses experts in the areas of forestry, environment and energy (working both in the public and private sector) as well as forest owners, environmental organisations and researchers.

Start19.04.2016 07:00
End19.04.2016 14:30
VenueEPFL Lausanne
Registration deadline19.04.2016

​The forum will highlight how the intensified energetic use of wood is affecting biodiversity in forests, it will identify potential synergies as well as conflicts and seek ways to prevent conflicts as far as possible.

Participants will learn more about how changing use patterns are affecting biodiversity in forests and discuss the implications as well as possible consequences for forest management under the new strategic framework conditions.

Costs for participants CHF 170 (Students CHF 35) Languages: French, German with simultaneous translation

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