Travelling exhibition

Far removed from any romantic concepts of the forest, a gigantic axe draws the attention of people passing through the entrance halls of universities and congress centres to the National Research Programme "Resource Wood" (NRP 66).

​The impressive advertising wall summarises the aims of the programme and illustrates the versatility of the resource wood by listing all thirty research projects. The exhibition wants to arouse the curiosity of the visitors as well as encourage them to learn more about this hitherto unrecognised raw material.

The travelling exhibition of NRP 66 is conceived for institutions participating in the research programme but is available for free to any interested party such as federal or cantonal offices or non-governmental organisations.

Technical data and borrowing conditions:

  • Languages: German/French. Both sets can be shown together or independently. For exhibitions in Ticino, text sheets in Italian are available.
  • The exhibition is easy to assemble. A single set (German or French) consists of a pop-up folding display and panels printed on one side. Dimensions: height 230 cm (90.6 in), width 300 cm (118 in), depth 60 cm (23.6 in). Transport weight (including 2 boxes): approx. 35 kg.
  • Minimum lending period: 2 weeks. Actual borrowing time to be agreed with the Head of Knowledge and Technology Transfer (recommended: 1–2 months). For conferences or other manifestations, a shorter term (2–3 days) is possible.
  • The exhibition can be borrowed at no charge. Lending is based on a written agreement between the borrower and the Head of KTT of NRP 66. The borrower is responsible for assembling and dismantling the exhibition according to the instruction manual. At the end of the agreed term, he/she sends the display to the next destination and assumes the shipping costs.