From dialogue to synthesis

Programmtagung 2015 in Thun

The next NRP 66 programme conference in April 2016 signals the start of the process to develop the partial syntheses. The foundation for the four partial syntheses will be laid at the two-day dialogue platform event in Olten.

​After four years of intensive research, the National Research Programme NRP 66 "Resource Wood" is drawing to a close. It is now time for all of those involved to reflect specifically on the synthesis and further use of the results obtained. The aim of the joint conference bringing together the four dialogue platforms in April is also to establish the framework and initial content of the four partial syntheses for NRP 66, along the four dialogue fields. "Joint" in this context means a process of exchange encompassing the research teams, representatives of forest owners, forestry companies, timber-processing industrial companies, business associations and other networks, as well as representatives of the Swiss government and cantons.

What are the key challenges within the individual dialogue fields? What do the findings from the research projects contribute? And what is the contribution of the dialogue conducted to date on the further development of the Swiss forestry and timber industry and on making smarter use of wood as a resource? These and other key questions will be the starting point for the debate in the transdisciplinary workshops. The participants will jointly consider what basic parameters are needed to steer the new findings and innovative approaches towards a breakthrough. The aim is also to identify knowledge gaps that NRP 66 has been unable to fill.

All 30 research projects will be completed by the end of this year. Last autumn and winter the organisational preparations for the synthesis phase proceeded at pace. Led by the NRP 66 Steering Committee in the capacity of editor of the synthesis products, two experienced authors per partial synthesis have been tasked with preparing the results from their respective dialogue field. The programme conference in April will launch the writing and review processes for all four partial synthesis projects, which are scheduled to last until spring 2017 with the involvement of invited experts from the practical realm.