The potential of unused biomass in Switzerland

On 21 April 2015, stakeholders from research and development as well as representatives from industry and government met at the i-net Cleantech Technology Event in Muttenz. NRP 66 was represented by Philippe Corvini and his team as well as a Martin Riediker, who gave a presentation.

The event "Biotechnological use of untapped biomass for the future bioeconomy of Switzerland" was initiated by Philippe Corvini (School for Life Sciences at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland), in collaboration with the i-net, the cleantech network of Northwestern Switzerland. The organisers wanted to show how biotechnology can contribute to an economy that is based on renewable natural resources. In his presentation, Martin Riediker, President of the Steering Committee of NRP 66, called for the intelligent use of wood as a resource and drew attention to the holistic approach of the research programme. The event offered the opportunity to establish important contacts with industry, which will be invaluable in the context of the dialogue platform of NRP 66 dedicated to biorefineries.