Young researcher of NRP 66 wins award

Christoph Gasser's research work focuses on how enzymes can influence and accelerate the breakdown of lignin. The PhD student from the School of Life Sciences (FHNW Muttenz) has won first prize in this year's Clariant CleanTech Awards.

The chemical company Clariant confers the CleanTech Award in recognition of outstanding scientific achievements in the fields of sustainable chemistry, raw materials efficiency, environmental protection and renewable energies. Christoph Gasser, doctoral student at the Institute for Ecopreneurship under the leadership of Philippe Corvini (FHNW), has won first prize for his work on the "Sustainable valorisation of lignin through bio-catalysis". Within the scope of NRP 66, Gasser, Corvini and other researchers are attempting to establish the order in which the chemical and enzymatic treatment of lignin should be done, in order to maximise the yield of phenolic products.